Monday, January 24, 2011

The blackberry and me, we weren't meant to be

A good smartphone goes a long way in helping you stay tuned on the go and multi task with social media. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for one.

Meanwhile, I wrote this short poem to describe my not-so-pleasant experiences with Blackberry...

The blackberry and me, we weren't meant to be
The decision to buy it, was filled with glee
I used it to tweet, I used it to chat
I used it to check email, which is what it was best at
But it used to hang up and had to be rebooted
especially when it came to multitasking, it wasn't well-suited
Rebooting it could take so very long
you'd think it was a punishment ​for doing something wrong
Web-browsing on the blackberry browser was best not tried
And battery life so poor, just when you needed it, it died
All I'd wanted to buy was a smartphone
Which the blackberry clearly wasn't, it had shown
Nevertheless, I decided to carry on using it for a while​
Until I decided on an alternative that wasn't as hostile
And then one day it crashed, the trackpad st​oped working
'Customer Damage' claimed the service center shirking
They refused to fix it cl​aiming it wasn't repairable
My decision t​o buy a blackberry clearly wasn't cerebral
And now I'm ​rendered phoneless
which of course causes ​a great deal of stress
While my blackberry now rests in peace
I need a real smartphone that won't ever cease

I'm in the midst of deciding which one that shall be​
But the blackberry and me, certainly weren't meant to be
(UPDATE: I moved to the iPhone 4 two weeks after I wrote this post. Have been loving it so far!)


  1. Seems u had much expectation with BB. Never know this thing that BB can be so worst too :)
    A nice poem :)

  2. very well written. I am a blackberry lover and i relate with your attachment to it. Also,i am keeping my fingers crossed for the healthy life of my handset ;).

  3. hee hee nice poem.
    havent seen many people bitching about BB once they go the BB way.. which one are you buying now?

  4. @unitechy not finalized yet. suggestions are welcome :)

  5. I've never owned a Blackberry. And after reading your poem I am glad I never have.

    SEO Dallas

  6. @ meera, Redington forced me with poor respnse to Innovate for Blackberry trackball problem on 8900 model :)

    see my solution if problem still persist

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