Thursday, January 20, 2011

Observations from a Social Media Bootcamp

This is a long overdue post about the Social Media Bootcamp organized by Digital Vidya  in Delhi this month. They had invited me as 'tweeting partner' and it was interesting to be a part of the 2 day interactive and engaging session. The participants were from varied industries all wanting to learn about how they can get on to the Social Media bandwagon.

Not only did the training help participants understand the reach and role of social media, it also familiarized them with social media platforms, terminology and the basics of creating a social media strategy. The 2 day period is too short to give anyone a complete experience of social media platforms. However, its a great way to get people started. All in all, a great learning opportunity for anyone who is new to social media and interested in adapting it for business.

Of course, learning to use and adapt social media is an ongoing process as social media by itself is currently in an adapting, evolving stage.

Basis my observations, I wanted to summarize the main impact that the bootcamp seems to have left on the participants minds with this cartoon:


  1. social media is indeed the present. we eat, sleep, talk, walk social media now.

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